Zombie Rave

3D flat pixelate zombies dancing fast glitchy
glaznost‘s rave music.
part of the nofun VJ reel. The video is using the half life engine.

Das Blutige Gemüse

Flash interactive designed for VJ’ing sessions. Like a puppet theatre move your musicians to playback the DJ/Band music.

Visuals for Magnum38 ‘Old Europe strikes back’

This is a short sample of the visuals played at the Maria am Ostbahnhof in Berlin. In the Magnum38‘s ‘Old Europe strikes back’ album release by Shitkatapult. These graphics were made specially for Magnum38 with a short piece of his album’s intro.

Club Transmediale – à bout de souffle

Vj session at Maria am Ostbahnhof in the ClubTransMediale Nofun gfx and MFO performing visuals with live music by:
dj André Herzig, Yuksek, Fuckpony, Nôze, Para One, Feadz, and dj Kazey.


Illustration for orgasmatrix website’s header.
edit: After some time there was an Orgasmatrix web re-design and new illustrations, click to see it.

Panospria+Toyz’R’me+NoFun gfx @ zentrale randlage

Vj session at Zentrale Randlage. Berlin.
music by : toyz’R’me /Rolax
Zark Behida, Ruairi Lazers, Scant Intone /Panospria.

Loring art. Los primeros 10 años

Illustration for the 10 anniversary’s book of the Loring art Barcelona bookshop.

If you want to hear something just yell

Group exhibition about music. An audio-visual exchange of USA and Germany. I’ve been choosen the Trip by Kim Fowley.
With Jim Avingnon, Melinda Beck, Erika Borboa, Irene Cho, Juju’s delivery, Rinzen and more other artists.. at the Neurotitan gallery. Berlin.
The image was also released in the magazine Rojo®seis. And actually is the cover of the album I was on my way to hell by Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts. more album’s info here.

I ♥ nofun

Who love a penguin?

Nike Air

Serie of illustrations for the project rojo-air. An exclusive limited printed edition of Rojo in cooperation with Nike.

The Smartians

Project for Smart. Curated by Rojo.
Exhibition in Barcelona at the KBB and Breat&Butter. In Berlin at the gallery invaliden1.

Blank – Trayectos

A serie of stamps for the Blank magazine.
Trayectos issue.

A sort of party /mabú

mixed media on paper
29,7 x 42 cm

Dead devils death bar

Ink on paper
29,7 x 42 cm

rotten heart

mixed media on paper
29,7 x 42 cm

Nofun law3

mixed media on paper
100 x 37,5 cm

Nofun law2

mixed media on paper
100 x 37,5 cm

Nofun law1

mixed media on paper
100 x 37,5 cm