Discretas – Silkscreen prints

Very limited edition. Silkscreen on cotton. Size 40 x 60 cm.
The aesthetics is based in the screen2 graphics mode from the 8bit MSX computers system.
Printed at the Tascansaia atelier in Barcelona.

Display III – Coses que maten

Paste’up illustration with original drawings on 05 billboards through the streets of Tarragona. Curated by Display. nov-dec 2010.
Also edition of a printed catalogue showing the work of the Display artists during the year.

SuperBUX- gameplay- level1

First level gameplay of superBUX. Modification of Supertux v.0.1.3, an opensource 2D sidescrolling. 8bit music by glaznost. A game about deconstruction. Work in progress…

Discreta exhibition

12 -08-10
Solo exhibition at the gallery cmtv – Barcelona.
Presenting new original artwork and 1st public testing of the game superBUX.

Pneumo !

Nano-short-film. An instant classic.
Created by: Glaznost & John Schehr und Gemüse; Starring: Fran Blanes; Soundtrack:
glaznost ; Filmed in Pneumovision; A MuereMatando Production.

El arbol talado que retoña

Illustration of the poem ‘Compañero enemigo’ by J.A.Bermúdez. in the book ‘El arbol talado que retoña’ edited by editorial el Parámo.
ISBN: 978-84-936885-7-8

superBUX – screenshot print

Silkscreen printing of a screenshot of the game superBUX
A very special and extraordinary limited edition. Printed on cotton. size 40 x 60cm.
This print was made in the Tascansaia atelier in Barcelona.


Guide throught the Spanish contemporary art and design scene
by Hye Young Yu, Edited by A G Books (South Korea).
Gratifying appearance in some of the pages.
XD thanks Hye!.

6 A.M

Illustration for a page in the book 6 A.M edited by Garabattage. With text by Enriqueta Llorca.
In fact this time is the writer who illustrates the illustrations.

2nd SKIN – Group show

Group exhibition at the Seven Star Gallery. Berlin.


True Type Pixel Font made with the FontStruct net app. Free to download and use, under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike licence.


mixed media on canvas
70 x 120,5 cm


mixed media on paper
41 x 58 cm

Pastanaga Morta

mixed media on paper
15 x 20,5 cm


acrylic on wood
25,3 x 35,4 cm

acrílic sobre fusta
25,3 x 35,4 cm


mixed media on wood
30 x 38 cm


mixed media on paper
49,5 x 20 cm


mixed media on paper
13 x 10 cm