gLanzoL – Low

This video is part of the gLanzoL project , a modification of Counter Strike for audiovisual sessions in real-time by glaznost.
The music composition titled ‘City’ was created by Elisaveta Fedorova and presented in december 2011 to the ArtFlakes at the Banff Centre in Canada.

Display III – Coses que maten

Paste’up illustration with original drawings on 05 billboards through the streets of Tarragona. Curated by Display. nov-dec 2010.
Also edition of a printed catalogue showing the work of the Display artists during the year.

Discreta exhibition

12 -08-10
Solo exhibition at the gallery cmtv – Barcelona.
Presenting new original artwork and 1st public testing of the game superBUX.

Pneumo !

Nano-short-film. An instant classic.
Created by: Glaznost & John Schehr und Gemüse; Starring: Fran Blanes; Soundtrack:
glaznost ; Filmed in Pneumovision; A MuereMatando Production.

gLanzoL – rawrita

Live gLanzoL session at Centre d’art Santa Mònica – Barcelona.
gLanzoL is a modification of the video-game counter strike, developed by glaznost.
The live music is by glaznost aswell.
gLanzoL is designed for live real-time audio/video performances.

Symbiosis: artists with character

Symbiosis is a Dr.Case’s project based in digital modified urban artists’s photographic portraits, integrating the artists with their characters and creations. The result is an imaginary being, a fantastic creature that conbines the creator and his alter ego.
The collection will be presented the next March 28th at Miscelanea Barcelona.


The artist and curator Hye Young Yu in cooperation with the KDF – Korea Design Fundation and the Spanish embassy in Seoul, organized an illustration exhibition in the Ssamzie-gil gallery in Seoul.
With the illustrators:
Arnal Ballester, Sergio Mora, Albert Bertolín (spain) and Seong Tae-jin, Charles Jang and Hong Ju-hee (Korea).
glad to be there ^^ !

Distancia Beisbol Tres – Destroying the ex-boyfriend flat scene.

Caracter + background design, and animation, of this scene from the film Distancia Beisbol Tres. An experimental live cinema project curated by Rojo. Performed in mecal -Barcelona, la Casa Encendida– Madrid. Festival internacional de cortos de Cabra – Jerez.
credits (this scene)
music = Wevie Stonder.
Video edition= aBe
human actress = Mireia Beryl Segalés.
graphics= A.Bertolín/glaznost

Kultur Toilette @ Supalife Kiosk

Presentation of the book Kultur Toilette and exhibition of some originals and more.
At the Supalife Kiosk. Berlin.

Hit Bit

Machinima experimental short film realized by Glaznost. Using the 3D engine of Counter Strike. The plot is about art thieves from a circus.
This project was presented in the live cinema sesions at
La Casa Encendida in Madrid.

2nd SKIN – Group show

Group exhibition at the Seven Star Gallery. Berlin.


Exhibition at the Pictoplasma – Character walk. Panatom gallery Berlin. Sharing space with gangpol&mit.

Floating world animation ’09

Poster design for the Floating world animation festival’09 in Portland.
Taken from the clip zombie rave.
The video was also selected for the festival.
The music composed by glaznost was used for the festival’s teaser.

Sobretodo Destrucción

Coolab exhibition with Sakristan.
Each canvas = 2 brains, 4 hands, 2 hearts and much more.. experiment about the end of the world.. a new religion is coming.
At Miscelänea. Barcelona.
gracias R por las fotos! ;)

Amo a mi perro

Solo exhibition. Illustration at the Rojo artspace. Barcelona.

Visuals for Magnum38 ‘Old Europe strikes back’

This is a short sample of the visuals played at the Maria am Ostbahnhof in Berlin. In the Magnum38‘s ‘Old Europe strikes back’ album release by Shitkatapult. These graphics were made specially for Magnum38 with a short piece of his album’s intro.

Club Transmediale – à bout de souffle

Vj session at Maria am Ostbahnhof in the ClubTransMediale Nofun gfx and MFO performing visuals with live music by:
dj André Herzig, Yuksek, Fuckpony, Nôze, Para One, Feadz, and dj Kazey.

Panospria+Toyz’R’me+NoFun gfx @ zentrale randlage

Vj session at Zentrale Randlage. Berlin.
music by : toyz’R’me /Rolax
Zark Behida, Ruairi Lazers, Scant Intone /Panospria.


International Outdoor Urban Art Exhibition, features 15 selected artists, asked to create specific artworks to be exposed in 43 giant billboards across streets of Barcelona’s metropolitan area.
artwork by: Chet Purtilar, Sosaku Miyazaki, MWM, Sakristan, Meomi, Albert Bertolín, Diva, Jon Burgerman, 310k, Evgeny Kiselev, Tofer, Cristiano Trindade, Jinyoung Shin, Sergei Sviatchenko, Zosen.

Les petits originaux

Exhibition of originals. Together with the artists Lolo, Boris Hoppek, and
Neasden Control Centre. At the the Lazy Dog. Paris.

If you want to hear something just yell

Group exhibition about music. An audio-visual exchange of USA and Germany. I’ve been choosen the Trip by Kim Fowley.
With Jim Avingnon, Melinda Beck, Erika Borboa, Irene Cho, Juju’s delivery, Rinzen and more other artists.. at the Neurotitan gallery. Berlin.
The image was also released in the magazine Rojo®seis. And actually is the cover of the album I was on my way to hell by Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts. more album’s info here.

Dreckiger Dialog

Coolab exhibition with Patrick Farzar. And Kultur Toilette book’s presentation. at the Helium Cowboy gallery in Hamburg.


27-04-09 L’escola Massana curates an exhibition about the first 10 years of illustration in the school. I presented the book Kultur toilette and some originals.

The Smartians

Project for Smart. Curated by Rojo.
Exhibition in Barcelona at the KBB and Breat&Butter. In Berlin at the gallery invaliden1.